Lust Silver Fox 75ml
Lust Silver Fox 75ml

Lust Silver Fox 75ml

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Lust is a Semi-Permanent colour; enriched with Argan Oil to repair and UV Protection to care for your hair while delivering brilliant tones that others will envy.

-Ammonia free

-Peroxide free,

-Sulphate free

-Paraben free.

Suitable for all hair types 

  1. Apply to pre-lightened hair.

  2. Wear gloves to apply Lust colour.

  3. Select desired Lust shade and pour directly into colour bowl and apply with brush or comb to ensure even coverage.

  4. Do not mix with developer.

  5. Take care to thoroughly cover/saturate and work Lust colour into the hair (comb through on long hair).

  6. Covering with a plastic processing cap is optional to contain Lust colours.

  7. Process for a minimum of 30 minutes without heat.

  8. Rinse thoroughly (do not shampoo) and condition if necessary.