REUZEL Beard Foam
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REUZEL Beard Foam

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REUZEL hair care and styling products are steeped in the classic barbering tradition of providing men with the best look possible.

Keep your beard under control with the leave-in Reuzel Beard Foam. Just a bit of this beard mousse will reduce beardruff, tame rouge hairs, add fullness, and knock out that funky beard smell.


  • Adds fullness and reduces itching
  • Witch hazel, rosemary and other extracts
  • Naturally derived deodoriser

Reuzel Beard Foam brings the Reuzel unique T4 Tonic Blend to the world of facial hair. It absorbs fast, aids control, deodorises, and keeps your beard smelling very nice!

Usage Tip from Leen & Bertus at REUZEL:

Put a couple of pumps of Reuzel Beard Foam into your palm. (More if your beard needs it.) Then smooth it through your beard and moustache, all the way down to the roots. Rub it in and then glide a wide-toothed comb through to distribute evenly.